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I study how Earth's crust and mantle have evolved over time using a variety of quantitative geochemical and geochronologic techniques. I am currently a postdoc at Caltech, where I study: 

Noble gas distributions in olivine from ocean island basalts to better characterize the deep mantle.

The duration of ultrahigh temperature metamorphic events that occur during continental collision by examining the roots of an ancient mountain belt in Madagascar and southern India.  

Amagmatic decarbonation of lithospheric mantle in collisional tectonic settings by investigating metasomatic dehydration of the lower crust. 

Personal Background

Originally from Montana, I attended Bowdoin College in Maine before returning west to work as an exploration geologist in Alaska and race cross country ski marathons in Idaho. I received my M.S. degree from San Francisco State University, and my Ph.D. from U.C. Santa Barbara. I currently live in Pasadena and spend my spare time in the mountains.